Take a look a some of the many reviews we've had from those who have subscribed to 5-a-day TV.

5-a-day is engaging and really easy to use. It doesn’t require teachers to prepare, or have lots of training … it simply delivers quick blasts of pure physical activity.

Chris Story, Cheshire West Sport Partnership

5-a-day Fitness is fun and effective for both staff and pupils, and so easy to fit into curriculum time.

Annie Harrington. Primary School Teacher

What a fantastic resource. Reception through to Year 6 absolutely love it. Thank you 5-a-day

Brendan Rouse. Primary School Teacher

5-a-day has rejuvenated physical activity in schools across the school sport partnership. Pupils love the routines and teachers love the simplicity. It has been so easy for schools to embed this resource to engage all pupils throughout the school day.

Hannah Goddard. Partnership Development, Trafford School Sport Partnership